Amazing prices in our thrift stores

We are open 7 days a week!

Amazing prices for your treasures in our Thrift Stores!!

If you are looking for great prices and you don’t mind spending time looking in hundreds and hundreds of items to find your treasure, this place is for you! In American Way Thrift Stores you will find some amazing pieces and affordable prices for your treasures. There is also a fast turnover of merchandise. We always have something new for you!

If you are thinking of getting some new clothes, come to American Way Thrift Stores, we have tons of clothes, even wedding dresses for sale. If you spend time and look, you will find some items that are good deals.

At American Way we are always unpredictable; you can definitely find vintage clothing and courteous friendly staff. Find many fresh pairs of shoes here to wear all the time, and all the sizes you want!
We are open 7 days a week! Our staff is friendly. The store is filled with oodles of treasures: household items, books, clothing, shoes, furniture, linens and more.

Come and find your items, we have three thrift stores located in Burbank and Lancaster. What are you waiting for? Pay 50% of our normal prices for clothes!

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